MIS Professional Training – Advance Excel + Macro + Access + SQL

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About Course

A Management Information System (MIS) provides organisation with the information they require in an organised manner to take upon management related crucial decisions.


Management Information System (MIS) tools and knowledge is very important nowadays. There is a very high demand for MIS Professionals in the market and the manpower supply of it is very less because of the obvious reason that the skill-sets required is not a part of any academic curriculum. A professional training in it hence becomes mandatory.

This training will endow every student with the skill sets required to be a successful MIS professional. Our course curriculum comprises of all the important aspects requires in the real world to get the job done in MIS. The student will get the enhance knowledge in Data management, Reporting and Analysis through MS Excel, MS Access & RDBMS. Moreover training will be given on the most demanding technology , which is MACRO -Automation.

What Will I Learn?

  • Advance Level Excel
  • Expertise in Using Text Function
  • Expertise in Using Logical Function
  • Expertise in Using Math Function
  • Expertise in Using Lookup & Reference Function
  • Expertise in Using Date and Time Function
  • Expertise in Using Pivot Table and Chart
  • Expertise in Using What If Analysis Tools
  • Many Others Excel Tools
  • MS Access Knowledge on Table, Form, Queries and Reports
  • SQL Queries
  • Macro Recording
  • Excel VBA Object Handling with practical Project
  • Excel VBA Variable with practical Project
  • Excel VBA IF & Case with practical Project
  • 3 Types of Loop with practical Project
  • Create your own Function
  • Events in VBA
  • FSO in Excel VBA
  • Userform in Excel VBA
  • Automate Pivot and Outlook in Macro
  • Many More Macro Topics and Projects

Topics for this course

141 Lessons13h 43m 03s


Excel Structure00:08:15
Cell Properties00:02:49
Autofill Value and Text00:04:52
Autofill Date00:02:29
Autofill Advance Tools00:04:43
Cell Reference Types00:04:29
Operators Based Equation00:09:02
Math Function00:12:37
Advance Math Function00:07:15
Advance Math Function 200:06:38
Using of Wild Card in Math Function00:02:44
Text Function – Upper, Lower, Proper and Trim Function00:05:47
Text Function – Right and Left Function00:03:54
Text Function – Find and Task00:06:13
Text Function – Solution and Nested Left00:05:32
Text Function – Find and Left Nesting00:02:51
Text Function – Mid Function00:03:15
Text Function – Mid Task and Solution00:06:05
Text Function – Concatenate Function00:03:23
Text Function – Concatenate Task and Solution00:02:08
Text Function – Replace Function00:04:48
Text Function – Replace Task and Solution00:05:05
Text Function – Substitute Function00:04:36
Text Function – Len, Rept, Exact and Search Function00:02:40
Text To Column00:09:00
Workbook Protect00:04:03
Protect Sheet00:07:29
Hide Formulas and Unlocked Cell00:04:14
Protect File with password00:02:31
Share Book00:02:30
If Function – Logical Test00:08:44
If Function – with Equation and task00:03:06
If Function – Nested If00:03:53
If Function – Advance00:04:45
If Function – Advance 200:04:55
AND , OR Function00:06:42
AND, OR, IF Nested00:05:09
AND, OR Advance Example00:02:19
Pivot Table – Intro00:05:20
Pivot Table – Manage Field Area00:07:18
Pivot Table – Value Field, Report and More00:05:20
Pivot Table – Slicer and Duplicate Pivot00:06:53
Pivot Table – Group To Mange Date and Values00:05:09
Pivot Table – Insert Calculated Field00:03:23
Goal Seek00:07:07
Scenario Manager00:06:29
PMT function – EMI calculator00:04:40
Data Table – Create Loan Table00:07:52
Print Option in Excel – Part 100:11:50
Print Option in Excel – Part 200:08:22
Chart Preparation in Excel00:14:32
Chart Preparation – Advance00:05:23
Chart Preparation – Customize00:03:56
Conditional Formatting in Excel00:05:24
Conditional Formatting – Types of Rules00:11:32
Conditional Formatting – Mange Rules00:04:12
Conditional Formatting – New Rules 100:03:11
Conditional Formatting – New Rules 200:04:37
Data Validation00:10:48
Data Validation – Input Message and Error Alert00:04:58
Vlookup Function00:08:12
Vlookup with Iferror Function00:05:09
Vlookup Nesting with If Function00:02:23
Hlookup Function00:02:45
Match Function00:03:43
Index and Match Nested00:08:20
Vlookup Array00:04:37
Vlookup Column Trick00:04:36
Vlookup TRUE00:03:49
Advance Vlookup Trick00:06:23



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Student Feedback


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It took total 2 months to complete the program. Wherever I had doubt Himanshu Sir was prompt to answer.

The course has increased my knowledge in Excel by large. Overall good match to what I was looking for.

Sir has prompt in clearing any doubt I have.

Never before have I walked away from a training course with so much practical knowledge that can be applied to my work immediately.

Although I am having basic knowledge so after few videos I have really started to enjoy and learns a lot.It is very important to practice alongside although.

I have Completed my advanced excel & MIS Training. The best part is the trainer always answered my question promptly.

I have Successfully completed my MIS course. There is such a wonderful trainer who makes sure we understand all the concepts completely. The online classes were mostly practical that my trainer helped us to work with real-time projects with examples which will be very much useful for my career.

Very well explained indeed.

Its a great course too learn how to use excel, no matter your current level. Highly recommend.

Explained clearly, covers all the basics and beyond. I learnt what i want to learn plus much more.
The course does not feel long or dragged out. the examples are there to help and by doing them helps learning and makes it easier to understand.

I started this course with no experience at all in Excel. I have learned so much in a short period of time, in this class. I will be refreshing on these courses multiple times. Great teacher! He is very easy to follow.

This course is quite detailed and well explained by mentor, way mentor simplify concepts with example is really commendable.

Really solid knowledge base. Explained topics well enough.

I felt that the teacher has been extremely thorough in explaining the different functions of excel, which has been helpful in my journey to learn excel in detail

This course was great, I learned quite a lot, the instructor spoke clearly and concisely, the complete ribbon overview was a fantastic idea, I think some beginners might find the nested formula section a bit too difficult, but other than that, this course is really good.

This was by far the best online course I have taken so far. Already purchased a few others to learn more about this topic with you so looking forward to them. It's a lot of information to digest, but it's all about practicing these more.

This course has a good instructor, every thing is explain step by step

Excellent course, I do feel I know so much more compared to when I started it.

The instructor explains the concepts really well.

to the point

It was a Great course. Easy to follow. Well Mapped out. The Tutorials were clear and sharp. Just loved the course and it helped me expand my knowledge of Excel.

Absolutely brilliant course as a starting point for procedures that can be used in Excel. So simple to understand the information being given, from the newcomer to Excel right up to the final sections with VBA code & functions. Delighted when seeing codes I entered working. Great to have the course saved so can re-run sections to improve memory & speed of using formulas and procedures.

The course is very good for the beginners or intermediate learners. The VBA part was quite difficult to follow along but eventually got the grasp on.

This course contains all the required ingredient to become a MIS professional. Excel the most required then the Macro and VBA which the next step. It also contains MS Access and SQL for Database concepts.
The topics are explained very nicely which is easily understandable and clears the concepts.


Material Includes

  • 13.5 hours on-demand video
  • 141 Training Video
  • 8 downloadable resources
  • Full lifetime access


  • Basic Computer Knowledge is must

Target Audience

  • MIS Aspirants
  • Management Graduates
  • Want Data Management Expertise
  • Want a career in MIS, Data Analytics & Data Management